The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2016 / 58-63

Anthropometry descriptiveness, bioimpedonsometry and computed tomography in evaluation of distribution features of visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue in patients on hemodialysis

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Goal of research. To survey the comparative informativity of anthropometry, bioimpedansometry and computerized tomography in evaluation of program hemodialysis patients’ visceral and subcutaneous fat tissues distribution. Data and methods. 77 patients under program hemodialysis substitutive renal therapy were examined. All patients were subject to body mass index (BMI) calculation, waist and hip circumference measurement, waist-to-hip-ratio determination, integral multi-frequency bioimpedansometry, abdominal multi-spiral computed tomography (multi-spiral CT) performance. Results. The anthropometric measures values, such as BMI and waist circumference, as well as the bioimpedansometry results used for fat tissues distribution evaluation are commeasured with the result of CT totally for the group. Women BMI is closely related to visceral as well as subcutaneous fat tissues volume, according to the data from bioimpedansometry waist circumference and fat mass is correlated only to visceral fat volume. Anthropometric measures and bioimpedansometry data of men do not reflect visceral fat volume. CONCLUSION. The gender effect in distribution of abdominal fat tissue shall be considered for program hemodialysis patients.

Key words

биоимпедансометрия, hemodialysis, subcutaneous adipose tissue, visceral adipose tissue, anthropometric indices
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Received: 08/11/2016