The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2016 / 18-23

Obtaining of functional intact state in elicited (inflammatory) macrophages by days-long cultivation

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Inflammatory (elicited by various agents) peritoneal macrophages have a higher functional activity as compared to resident macrophages. The dynamics of these cells activation (deactivation) by macrophage-activating factor in days-long cultivation has been elucidated. The experiments revealed that freshly isolated inflammatory macrophages respond to macrophage-activating factor by decrease of reactive oxygen species generation and Fc-receptor-dependent phagocytosis, but after a few days in the in vitro conditions the effect of lymphokine is reversed. This has served as the basis for developing the method for functionally intact macrophages obtaining for the purpose of their use in screening studies for drugs immunomodulatory properties testing.

Key words

activation, deactivation, respiratory burst, macrophage-activating factor, peritoneal macrophages, spleen cells, phagocytosis
About Authors (Correspondence):

Lyubimov G.Yu. – candidate of medical sciences, researcher of laboratory of immunopoiesis regulation, e-mail:

Menshchikova E.B. – doctor of medical sciences, head of the laboratory for molecular mechanisms of free-radical processes, e-mail:

Kozlov V.A. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of RAS, head of the laboratory of clinical immunopathology, е-mail:

Received: 27/12/2016