The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2014 / 73-78

Shoulder instability treatment on a base of complex diagnostics

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Aim. To design diagnostic algorithm helping to specifically apply existing shoulder instability surgical treatment methods. Materials and methods: 118 anterior shoulder instability patients. The comparison of diagnostic methods significance for the methods of surgical treatment was carried out. The results of treatment were evaluated approximately in 26 month, using Rowe's scale. Results. In 50 % of cases Latarjet procedure was performed, in 32 % - Bankart procedure, in 12 % Bankart procedure was supplemented with remplisage, in 6 % Bankart procedure was performed in combination with capsulae plication. Average mark before treatment was 55.2, after treatment - 94.1. Conclusions: Shoulder instability recurrence development risk depends on anatomical, physiological and social factors, that determines the expediency of applying complex diagnostics.

Key words

Latarjet procedure, shoulder dislocation, Hill-Sacks leasion, glenoid leasion, shoulder instability, Bankart procedure, glenoid fracture, capsulae plication, remplisage
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