The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2012 / 21-30

The theory of hemopoiesis regulation in health and disease

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It has been shown, that the changes of blood system, which were observed under action of various in nature morbific factors and their basic mechanisms are considerable equitype. However the concrete reaction of blood system depends on the nature of acting agent due to specific changes of regulatory structures function. So, along with the equal stimulation of bone marrow different lineages under stress, there is a prevalence of changes of white blood at inflammation, and red blood – at hypoxias. Deprivation of paradoxical sleep, in contrast to conflict situation, is accompanied with the evident depression of erythron, due to the depletion of central monoaminergic systems on the neurosis model. It has been demonstrated at various myelosuppression models (irradiation, application of cytostatic drugs differ in action mechanism), that the development of hemopoietic tissue hypoplasia and dynamics of hemopoietic recovery along with direct suppressing effects of toxic agents on hemopoietic cells is largely determined by the nature of the disorder of hemopoiesis regulation and primarily by individual regulatory elements composed the hemopoietic microenvironment.

Key words

hemopoietic microenvironment, hemopoiesis, myelosuppression, regulation, extremal exposures
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