The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 32, № 1, 2012


Lymphoid system - circadian temporary organization and desynchronosis

Trufakin V.A., Shurlygina A.V., Michurina S.V.

Glucocorticoid hormones: from adaptation processes to northern ecology factors up to metabolic disturbances at diabetes

Selyatitskaya V.G.

The theory of hemopoiesis regulation in health and disease

Dygai A.M., Zhdanov V.V.

Transport forms of steroid hormones in the blood, their connection with the development of some physiological and pathological processes

Panin L.E.

Features of interaction of apolipoprotein А-I and its complexes with tetrahydrocortisol with prokaryotic DNA

Panin L.E., Kovalenko G.A., Polyakov L.M., Tuzikov F.V., Tuzikova N.A., Knyazev R.A.

Expression of the alpha1a and alpha2A adrenergic receptor genes in myocardial and kidney tissues of hypertensive ISIAH rats

Ryazanova M.A.


Mechanisms of abdominal sepsis formation at the peritonitis and strangulated intestinal obstruction

Grigorev E.G., Galeev Yu.M., Popov M.V., Apartsin K.A., Salato O.V.

Oxidative stress as nonspecific pathogenetic link of reproductive disorders (systematic review)

Kolesnikova L.I., Grebenkina L.A., Darenskaya M.A., Vlasov B.Ya.

Structural changes of magistral arteries in arterial hypertension associated with diabetes mellitus: gender peculiarities and influence of blood pressure control

Karpov R.S., Koshel`skaya O.A., Vinnitskaya I.V.

Advances of current oncology in the treatment of malignant head and neck tumors

Choynzonov E.L., Novikov V.A., Perelmuter V.M., Balatskaya L.N., Mukhamedov M.R., Klisho E.V., Syrkashev V.A., Avdeenko M.V.

Fatty acid binding protein – the serological marker of myocardial damage

Salnikov A.S., Sorokina N.N., Rukavishnikov M.Yu., Ofitserov V.I.


Ethnic and ecological factors in the development of pathology in natives of Siberia and the North

Manchuk V.T.

Siberian and Far-Eastern children and adolescents health status is the input in the future of Russia

Kozlov V.K.

Lymphology in Siberia. People and problems

Borodin Yu.I.