The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2018 / 25-31
DOI 10.15372/SSMJ20180504


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Purpose: to study the etiological structure and incidence rate of various genesis optical neuropathies (ON) according to the own observation data. Material and methods. The study is based on the data analysis from a survey of 658 patients (982 eyes) with ON. The results of routine physical examination of all patients were analyzed to determine the genesis of ON. Results. The most common cases of ON were ischemic ON (31.2 % of all cases), as well as optic neuritis (18.3 % of cases). The anterior optic pathway tumor or infiltrative lesions were detected in 9.9 %, dysthyroid ON was found in 7.2 %. Acute and chronic ON with the optic nerve drusen accounted for 12.4 % of all cases of ON, was found in 60.5 % of all patients with the optic nerve drusen. Hereditary ON was found in 10 % of all cases of ON, toxic – in 4,3 % as a result of acute and chronic alcohol intoxication, chronic narcotic poisoning, drug poisoning. Traumatic ON was found in 6.7 % of all cases of ON. Conclusions. The causes of ON are diverse, vary from innate changes to diseases of the optic nerve as a result of serious therapeutic and neurosurgical pathology, which threaten not only the ophthalmologic, but also the life prediction. The patient thorough clinical study is required to determine the disease genesis at the time of ON symptoms identifying.

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optic neuropathy, causes of optic nerve disease, ischemic optic neuropathy, Leber hereditary optic neuropathy, autosomal dominant optic neuropathy, optic neuritis
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