The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2012 / 43-47

Expression of the alpha1a and alpha2A adrenergic receptor genes in myocardial and kidney tissues of hypertensive ISIAH rats

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Myocardial and kidney levels of alpha1A and alpha2A adrenergic receptor mRNA have been examined in hypertensive ISIAH and normotensive WAG rats of 1.5 and 7 months of age using real-time PCR. Decreased levels of α2A-AR mRNA in kidneys of both age groups of ISIAH rats have been found. In addition, an increased expression of the alpha1А adrenergic receptor gene in the kidneys of 7‑month-old ISIAH rats has been revealed. This profile of the renal expression of the α-adrenoreceptor genes in the hypertensive ISIAH rats is indicated as being associated with the increase of sympathetic stimulation of the kidneys and with development and maintenance of the hypertensive status. Development of hypertension is supported by the age independent increase of the alpha1A-AR expression in myocardium of ISIAH rats.

Key words

alpha1A and alpha2A adrenergic receptors, arterial hypertension, ISIAH rats, myocardium, kidney
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