The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2012 / 9-14

Modification of the fatty acids of rat liver in conditions of highfat load

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The composition and metabolic transformations of the fatty acids ether sterol, phospholipids, and threeacylglycerides in the liver of Wistar rats under the highfat load condition have been investigated. The increase of 18:1n9, 20:5n3, 20:3n6 quantity in the rats’ liver was registered after 90 days of the highfat load. The 18:3n6, 22:4n6, 22:5n3 pool exhaustion in phospholipids fraction, 18:2n6, 18:3n6, 20:5n3, 22:6n3 – in the threeacylglycerides and decrease of the 20:4n6 level in the all observed fractions were revealed on the 180th day of the experiment. The detected modification of the fatty acids composition in the rats’ liver under the alimentary stress reproduces formation of adaptive and pathological liver changes.

Key words

stress, fatty acid, liver
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Novgorodtseva T.P. – doctor of biological sciences, professor, deputy director, head of the laboratory of biomedical researches, e-mail:

Karaman Yu.K. – candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher of the laboratory of biomedical researches, e-mail:

Gvozdenko T.A. – doctor of medical sciences, director, e-mail:

Zhukova N.V. – doctor of biological sciences, associated professor, senior researcher,

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