The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2012 / 41-49

Comparative assessment of frequency of cytogenetic abnormalities in buccal epithelium of children in the territories of toxic, radiological, and combined environmental pollution

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The comparative estimation of frequency of cytogenetic abnormalities at children (under the micronuclear test in buccal epithelium) in ecologically unsuccessful territories of the Bryansk region with various density toxic (from 1.7 to 171.6 kg/foreheads/years on toxic substances), radioactive (from 10.7 to 504.3 kBc/m2 on 137Сs) and combined environmental pollution has been presented. Statistically significant adverse changes in the cytogenetic status of children under conditions of high-toxic, radiological-isolated and, especially, radiological-toxic environmental pollution have been revealed. These changes have been manifested in the raised frequency of the cells containing two nucleus and cells with karyopyknosis and karyolysis.

Key words

buccal epithelium, micronuclear test, density of radioactive pollution, mid-annual toxic loadings, cytogenetic abnormalities, ecological trouble
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