The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2012 / 9-14

A significance of phase composition of calcium phosphate coatings for in vivo osteogenic differentiation of stromal stem cells

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to study the effect of the phase structure artificial calcium – phosphatic surfaces on an osteogenic differentiation of stromal stem cells in vivo on implants with the fixed range of roughness. Materials and methods. The condition of the surface was estimated by means of the measuring system Talysurf 5-120, phase structure – by the diffractometer Shimadzu XRD-7000 (Japan), element structure – by the electron microscope of Hitachi S5500. An implant from the titan of the VT1.0 brand (diameter of 12 mm, thickness of 1 mm) with the rough calcium phosphate coating applied by microarc oxidation with a column of bone marrow has been hypodermically placed to 35 mice males of the CBA/CaLac line. Histological research was carried out in 45 days. The quantitative parameters of grown tissue plates were defined by the computer morphometry. Results. The growth of coarse-fibered bone tissue with the cavities filled by red marrow has been revealed on plates with artificial surfaces. Its reproducibility was 22 % higher on surfaces composed of tricalcium phosphate and hydroxylapatite compared with amorphous calcium phosphate.

Key words

implants, bone marrow, mice, stem cells, roughness
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Popov V.P. – candidate of medical sciences, assistant of the chair of traumatology, orthopedics and field surgery, e-mail:

Khlusova M.Yu. – candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the department of pathophysiology, e-mail: uchsovet @

Zaitsev K.V. candidate of medical sciences, head of the laboratory for study of mechanisms of physical factors effect, e-mail:

Dvornichenko M.V.candidate of medical sciences, doctoral student of the chair for pathophysiology, e-mail:

Legostaeva E.V. – candidate of physical mathematical sciences, senior researcher of the laboratory of physics of nanostructural biocompatible composites, e-mail:

Khlusov of medical sciences, professor, scientific director, professor of the chair for morphology and general pathology, e-mail:

Sharkeev Yu.P. – doctor of physical mathematical sciences, professor, head of the laboratory of physics of nanostructural biocompatible composites, e-mail:

Gnedenkov S.V. – doctor of chemical sciences, deputy director, e-mail:

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