The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2014 / 5-9

Ultrastructural changes of blood capillary endotheliocytes at the late stage of WALKER 256 carcinosarcoma development under combined influence of melatonin and cyclophosphamide

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The ultrastructural reorganization of endothelial Walker 256 carcinosarcoma when exposed to cyclophosphamide in combination with melatonin has been investigated. Wistar line male rats weighing 180-200 g have been used. The cell suspension of transplantable Walker 256 carcinosarcoma has been administered into animals' femoris muscle in a dose of 1?106 cells. The tumour tissue samples were taken on the 5th day after the tumour transplantation for electron microscopic investigation. Administration of cyclophosphamide as monoagent as well as in combination with melatonin causes unidirectional changes in intracellular organization of endothelial cells of capillaries in carcinosarcoma Walker 256, but of varying severity: reduced volumetric and numerical density of mitochondria, as well as free polysomal and attached ribosomes, volume density of all the types of micropinocytotic vesicles.

Key words

Walker carcinosarcoma 256, melatonin, cyclophosphamide, endothelial cells
About Authors (Correspondence):

Ovsyanko E.V. - doctor of medical sciences, associate professor of the chair for human anatomy,
Pustovetova M.G. - doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of central research laboratory.
Kulishenko А.О. - post-graduate student of the chair for physiopathology and clinical physiopathology
Vinogradov A.S. - student
Bgatova N.P. - doctor of biological sciences, professor, head of the laboratory of ultrastructural studies,
Samsonova E.N. - doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of curriculum of the chair for physiopathology and clinical physiopathology, e-mail:

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Received: 10/02/2015