The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2014 / 127-131

The iris fluorescein angiography in diagnosis of vascular changes in pseudoexfoliation syndrome

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The vascular disorders of the iris and increase in the time parameters in comparison with control parameters were revealed by carrying out the iris fuorescein angiography to 20 patients with a cataract and various stages of pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PES). The revealed vascular disorders were less expressed at patients with early clinical manifestations of the pseudoexfoliation syndrome in comparison with patients with developed PES. The iris fuorescein angiography allows revealing vascular disorders in the iris already at the early stages of PES and confirms its bilateral course.

Key words

pseudoexfoliation syndrome, iris fluorescein angiography
About Authors (Correspondence):

Frankovska-Gerlak M.Z. – candidate of medical sciences, ophthalmologist, researcher of the department of lens surgery and intraocular correction

 Agafonova V.V. – doctor of medical sciences

Kerimova R.S. – candidate of medical sciences, ophthalmologist, senior laboratory technician of the department of retina and optic nerve pathology

Solomin V.A. – ophthalmologist of the department for laser surgery

Shatskikh A.V. – candidate of medical sciences, head of laboratory of pathological anatomy and histology

Khaludorova N.B. – ophthalmologist, e-mail:

Chubar V.S. – ophthalmologist, postgraduate student of the department of lens surgery and intraocular correction

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Received: 09/02/2015