The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 3 / 2012 / 57-61

Natriuretic peptides in patients with metabolic syndrom

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Present research aimed at study of the atrial (proANP) and brain natriuretic (NT-proBNP) peptide levels in blood plasma of the patients with metabolic syndrome. 52 patients have been examined; an observation group was composed of 40 patients with metabolic syndrome, and a control group 12 was composed of conventionally healthy people. The NT-proBNP increase of 20 % (p < 0.05) and proANP of 67.8 % (p < 0.05) have been revealed in blood plasma of the patients with metabolic syndrome. A strong correlation between atrium and brain natriuretic peptides in plasma and insulin, insulin resistance index have been established that allows considering natriuretic peptides as the markers of the early diagnostics of metabolic syndrome.

Key words

insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, natriuretic hormones
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Gvozdenko T.A. – doctor of medical sciences, director, e-mail:

Simonova  I.N.  –  candidate  of medical  sciences,  junior  researcher  of the  laboratory  of rehabilitative  treatment, e-mail: SimonovaI68@mail. ru

Khodosova K.K. – head of laboratory for clinical and laboratory diagnosis, e-mail:

Veremchuk L.V. – doctor of biological sciences, leading researcher  of the laboratory  for medical and informational technologies, e-mail:

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