The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2012 / 38-47

Therapeutic correction of endothelial dysfunction: data of the translational medicine

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Molecular mechanisms for the mend of functional condition of epithelial cells have been studied by the example of trimetazidine treatment of the patients with arterial hypertension and have been confirmed by in vitro simulation of endothelial dysfunction in cell culture HUVEC. It has been revealed that trimetazidine treatment increases VEGF production and synthesis of ERK, normalization of intracellular calcium concentration and free radicals level in endothelial cells. These molecular changes result in reduced apoptosis of endothelial cells, enhancing their functional activity and cell growth, accompanied by the decrease in the formation of cell membrane microparticles. Membrane microparticles play a key role not only in the development of endothelial dysfunction, but also they are as paracrine regulators of cell survival due to «dumping» excess of signaling proteins by endothelial-derived microparticles.

Key words

HUVEC, arterial hypertension, membrane microparticles, pathogenesis, treatment,, trimetazidine, endothelial dysfunction
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Inzhutova A.I.candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher

Filippova S.A. doctor of functional diagnostics, e-mail:

Larionov A.A. – clinical attending physician of department of policlinic therapy and family medicine, e-mail:

Bikova V.V. – student, e-mail:

Novikova T.V. – student, e-mail:

Orlova T.P. – student, e-mail:

Inzhutova I.G. – candidate of medical sciences, head doctor, e-mail:

Petrova M.M. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, a head of department of policlinic therapy and family medicine, e-mail:

Salmina A.B. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, director, e-mail:

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