The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2013 / 51-59

Prognostic significance of lymphangiogenesis gene polymorphism in level of person health valuation

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Analysis of occurrence frequency of genotypes of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) in two polymorphic gene regulatory region positions in combination with other genotypes of those angiogenic cytokines and metalloproteinases in groups of healthy people of different ages has been carried out. The SNP promoter of genes TNFА -863 C ? A, TNFА -308 G ? A, TNFА -238 G ? A, IL1? -511 T ? С, IL1? -31 С ? T, IL-4 -590 С ? T, IL-6 -174 G ? C, IL-10 -1082 G ? A and IL-10 -592 А ? С, genes of matrix metalloproteinases MMP2-1306 C ? T, MMP9 -1562 C ? T, and gene of VEGF-vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF -2578 А ? С and VEGF +936 C ? T have been investigated. The statistical analysis of the studies results included such indicators as the rate of occurrence of genes, genotypes and their combinations, specificity, odds ratio (or) with 95% confidence intervals (CI). The group surveyed ranked 219 people; the investigated signs were compared in the subgroup of young people (less than 35 years - 103) and senior citizens (55 years and over - 116 persons). It has been found that among older people the whole range of combined genetic traits, including VEGF and homozygous genotypes of polymorphic variants of genes of cytokines is fully absent, with the high frequency in the group of young people. The frequency of other genetic combinations, which are more frequent among young people, significantly reduced (by several times). This group combined genetic traits, which frequency decreases with age, most often detected in AC and CC options polymorphic gene VEGF-2578 positions and
VEGF +936, associated with high levels of production growth factor of vascular endothelial function. It can be assumed that the presence of such combinations of genotypes in the young man's genome is an adverse prognostic sign, pointing to the short lifespan of a given individual that probably gives an indication of the low level of health state and his inclusion in the group of high risk diseases.

Key words

genetics of human longevity, genes of cytokines, lymphangiogenesis, single nucleotide polymorphism of promoter gene region, growth factors vascular endothelial function
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Konenkov V.I. - doctor of medical sciences, academician of RAMS, director, e-mail:
Prokof`ev V.F. - candidate of medical sciences, leading researcher
Shevchenko A.V. - candidate of biologic sciences, senior researcher of laboratory for clinical immunogenetics

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Received: 11/02/2015