The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2014 / 51-58

Clinicomorphological parallels in abdominal obesity

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Aim of study: to investigate the morphological features of visceral adipose tissue in abdominal obesity and relate an interconnection with clinical and metabolic markers of the metabolic syndrome (MS). Material and methods: 33 female patients were examined. The metabolic syndrome are diagnosed for 27 of them, 7 women compounded the comparison group. The histological examination of biopsy of omentum visceral fat has been carried out. Results and discussion: The microcirculation disorders, statistically significant predominance of adipocyte size and degree of infiltrative changes in adipose tissue of patients with MS as compared with the comparison group were found in preparations of adipose tissue of patients with MS. The feature of interconnection of adipocyte diameter and infiltrative changes with the severity of a number of MS components depending on the concentration of leptin in the blood serum has been revealed.

Key words

abdominal obesity, adipocytes, an inflammation of adipose tissue, infiltration, metabolic syndrome, morphometry
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Bespalovа I.D. – candidate of medical sciences, head of department of social work, social and clinical psychology, e-mail:

Ryazantseva N.V. – doctor of medical sciences, head of department of molecular medicine and clinical laboratory diagnostics, professor, senior researcher of laboratory of physical processes modeling in biology and medicine, e-mail:

Kalyuzhin V.V. – doctor of medical sciences, professor of department of hospital therapy with a course of physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, professor, e-mail:

Dzyuman A.N. – candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor of department morphology and general pathology, e-mail:

Osikhov I.A. – postgraduate student of department of pathophysiology, e-mail:

Medyantsev Yu.A. – physician, e-mail:

Klinovitskiy I.Yu. – candidate of medical sciences, head of surgical department, e-mail:

Murashev B.Yu. – postgraduate student of department of pathophysiology, e-mail:

Afanas’eva D.S. – resident doctor, e-mail:

Bychkov V.A. – senior researcher, e-mail: va.bych @

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