The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Author: Maksimov V.N.



Voropaeva E.N., Pospelova T.I., Voevoda M.I., Maksimov V.N.

The role of individual risk factors in the formation of peculiarities of the main forms of occupational diseases in the post-exposure period

Poteryaeva E.L., Smirnova E.L, Maksimov V.N., Kolesnik K.N., Nikiforova N.G., Peskov S.A.

Detection of polymorphism of rs78378222 gene TP53 in tumor tissue of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Pospelova T.I., Voevoda M.I., Voropaeva E.N., Maksimov V.N., Beresina O.V., Kovynev I.B., Marinkin I.O.

Association study of new genetic markers of type 2 diabetes mellitus in West Siberian Caucasian population

Orlov P.S., Ivanoshchuk D.Ye., Mikhaylova S.V., Maksimov V.N., Voevoda M.I.

Differences between prognostic value of rs1625895 in male and female patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Voropaeva E.N., Pospelova T.I., Voevoda M.I., Maksimov V.N., Berezina O.V., Ovchinnikov V.S., Shcherbakova L.V., Babaeva T.N.

Association of cardiovascular diseases burdened family history with coronary atherosclerosis among inhabitants of Yakutia

Romanova A.N., Voevoda M.I., Maksimov V.N.

Molecular-genetic approach to predicting the effectiveness of aggressive non-Нodgkin's lymphomas therapy

Voropaeva E.N., Voevoda M.I., Pospelova T.I., Berezina O.V., Maksimov V.N.

Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms of gene GPC5, CASQ2, NOS1AP, GPD1L with sudden cardiac death in russian population

Maksimov V.N., Ivanova A.A., Orlov P.S., Ivanoshchuk D.E., Savchenko S.V., Voevoda M.I.

Polymorphism of folate-related genes and congenital heart diseases

Maksimov V.N., Polyakova I.V., Maximova J.V., Koval O.N., Voevoda M.I.

The role of molecular-genetic factors in the risk of development of acute thrombosis of deep veins of lower extremities

Rоvenskikh D.N., Maksimov V.N., Tatarnikova N.P., Usov S.A., Voevoda M.I.

Genetic markers of severity of coronary vessels stenosis in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Kulikov I.V., Lozhkina N.G., Maksimov V.N., Orlov P.S., Kuimov A.D., Voevoda M.I.