The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 37, № 2, 2017


Mechanism of pathological effect of multilayer carbon nanotubes with different levels of metallic impurities

Vitkina T.I., Yan’kova V.I., Gvozdenko T.A., Kuznetsov V.L., Krasnikov D.V., Sidletskaya K.A., Chayka V.V., Golokhvast K.S.

Influence of glyprolines PGP, RGP, PRPGP on DNA synthesis in the epithelium of tongue and duodenum of white mice under physiological conditions and on a model of gastroenteropathy

Fleyshman M.Yu., Tolstenok I.V.

The influence of the peptide complex of pig kidneys on the free radical oxidation by experimental urolithiasis

Zharikova G.V., Zharikov A.Yu., Kiselev V.I., Mazko O.N., Makarova O.G., Kiryakova V.O.

Investigation of the pharmacokinetic parameters of poloxamer-modified hyaluronidase during different routes of administration

Shilova M.A., Yershov K.I., Grek O.R., Madonov P.G., Fil’ M.E.


Biomarkers of early damage of kidneys in arterial hypertension

Khudyakova A.D., Ragino Yu.I.

Congenital immunity values in the inductive phase of immune response of patients with concomitant injury

Chepeleva M.V., Lyulin S.V., Kuznetsova E.I., Sviridenko A.S.

Orphan medicines towards rare diseases treatment

Soldatov A.A., Avdeeva Zh.I., Alpatova N.A., Olefir Yu.V., Bondarev V.P., Lysikova S.L.

Surgical treatment of open fracture of limbs in case of polytrauma

Shapkin Yu.G., Seliverstov P.A.

Choice of method of esophagoplasty in benign diseases of esophagus

Drobyazgin E.A., Chikinev Yu.V., Sudovykh I.E.

Respiratory biofeedback application in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a pilot study

Grishin O.V., Gultyaeva V.V., Zinchenko M.I., Zhilina I.G., Uryumtsev D.Yu., Grishin V.G., Barabash E.V.

Impact of intelligence and executive control in verbal creativity in physiological aging

Privodnova E.Yu., Volf N.V.

Significance of some modifiable risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases on the formation of trans-systematic polymorbidity

Sevostyanova E.V., Nikolaev Yu.A., Mitrofanov I.M., Polyakov V.Ya., Dolgova N.A., Gevorgyan M.M.

Differences in the changes of pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange during low-level respiratory resistive loading in healthy subjects and copd patients

Grishin O.V., Uryumtsev D.Yu., Gultyaeva V.V., Zinchenko M.I.

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia in children (literature review)

Sakhipova G.A., Pavlinovа E.B.


Type D personality in patients with isсhemic heart disease: mechanisms of negative influence and interventional programmes

Zalesskaya Yu.V., Dzhumagulova A.S.