The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Author: Chernykh V.V.


The results of the inner retinal layers thickness measurement by optical coherence tomography in groups of healthy patients of different age

Glok M.A., Kuleshova O.N., Chernykh V.V., Dulidova V.V., Pichikova E.A., Dikovskaya M.A.

Peculiarities of pathogenesis of primary open angle glaucoma with normalized intraocular pressure, new approaches to the integrated treatment

Chernykh V.V., Khodjayev N.S., Trunov A.N., Shvayuk A.P., Gorbenko O.M., Ermakova O.V., Bratko V.I., Safronov I.D.

The investigation of cystatin C and cystatin SN as possible markers of eye tumor development in biological fluids

Dikovskaya M.A., Trunov A.N., Kuleshova O.N., Loktev K.V., Chernykh V.V., Aftanas L.I., Korolenko T.A.

Ultrastructural analysis of tear fluid in patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy

Grigor’eva A.E., Eremina A.V., Tamkovich S.N., Chernykh V.V., Vlassov V.V., Ryabchikova E.I.

Imbalance content of the cytokines and growth factors in vitreous from patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Chernykh V.V., Trunov A.N., Varvaranskiy Ye.V, Smirnov E.V., Chernykh D.V., Obukhova О.О, Gorbenko O.M., Shvayuk A.P.


Content of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in the lacrimal and intraocular liquids in choroidal melanoma

Chernyavskaya M.A., Efremov A.V., Chernykh V.V., Pustovetova M.G.

On the early diagnosis and frequency of occurrence of diabetic macular edema and group formation at risk of its development

Bratko G.V., Chernykh V.V., Sazonova O.V., Kovaleva M.V., Sidorova E.G., Shishkо A.P., Mirochnik L.Yu.

Activity of the local inflammatory and proliferative processes in the pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy

Chernykh V.V., Varvaranskiy E.V., Gorbenko O.M., Shvayuk A.P., Chernykh D.V., Trunov A.N.