The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Author: Poveshchenko A.F.


Thymus after surgical removal of experimental tumors of mammary gland and chemotherapy

Kazakov O.V., KabakovA.V., Poveshchenko A.F., Lykov A.P., Rayter T.V., Strunkin D.N., Ishchenko I.Yu., Michurina S.V., Konenkov V.I. –

Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells for therapy of the limbal epithelium dysfunction

Poveshchenko O.V., Poveshchenko A.F., Lykov A.P., Bondarenko N.A., Niconorova Yu.V., Druzhinin I.B., Konenkov V.I.

The effects of fibronectin on the migration activity of endothelial cell line EA.Hy926

Lykov A.P., Bondarenko N.A., Kim I.I, Poveshchenko O.V., Poveshchenko A.F., Konenkov V.I.

Ontogenetic and gender features of cytokine profile of rat lymph and blood serum

Poveshchenko A.F., Orlov N.B., Kazakov O.V., Poveshchenko O.V., Chepik V.I., Kim I.I., Bondarenko N.A., Miller T.V., Strunkin D.N., Uzvarik L.M., Kabakov A.V., Moskalchuk T.V., Konenkov V.I.

Estimation of the effect of proangiogenic factors on the proliferative and migration activities of the endothelial cell of line ЕА.Ну926

Lykov A.P., Poveshchenko O.V., Bondarenko N.A., Poveshchenko A.F., Kim I.I., Miller T.V., Pokushalov E.A., Romanov A.B., Konenkov V.I.

Comparative study on the migration and distribution of bone marrow and spleen cells into lymphoid and non-lymphoid organs of CBA mice in vivo in different periods after transplantation

Solovieva A.O., Poveshchenko A.F., Poveshchenko O.V, Zubareva K.E., Miller T.V., Konenkov V.I


Evaluation of level of cytokines produced by peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with chronic heart failure after mobilization of bone marrow stem cells with G-CSF

Poveshchenko O.V., Kim I.I, Shevchenko A.V., Pokushalov E.A., Romanov A.B., Bondarenko N.A., Lykov A.P., Poveshchenko A.F., Karaskov А.М., Konenkov V.I.